amiskwaciwâskahikan! Edmonton! Got something to say about resilience? Sign up for an an interview!

Tan’si amiskwaciwâskahikan,

The Indigenous Women and Youth Resilience Project is currently conducting interviews in the Edmonton area! Our project asks questions like: what does resilience look like for Indigenous women, youth, trans, and two-spirit? And how can those practices of resilience be used to offer support to those Indigenous communities? The results of these interviews will be used to develop an Indigenous theory of resilience, as well as offer communities, teachers, families, and other insight into ways to support these communities.The anonymous data will, with your permission, be stored in an Indigenous Women and Youth Resilience Digital Archive so that your knowledges reach other Indigenous communities. A broad definition of resilience is positive adaptation to negative life circumstances. But what does this mean specifically for Indigenous peoples with diverse experiences and identities? Our research seeks to gather the many distinct meanings and actions of resilience. There is no right or wrong answer! 

Contact us to sign up or if you have any questions. Ekosi!

We also have an online survey if you prefer to give your answers in private. There is unfortunately no honourium for the online survey 😦


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