The Project

Indigenous women, youth, trans, and two-spirit are prolific scholars, students, poets, podcasters, actors, lawyers, filmmakers, doctors, artists, and more. Yet, they also experience some of the highest rates of violence and suicide (Statistics Canada, Homicide in Canada, 2014 and Government of Canada, Suicide Prevention Report, 2017). The Indigenous Women’s Resilience Project combines Indigenous scholarly and community methodologies to explore the resiliency within these communities to mobilize those findings into the long-term research initiatives for Indigenous leaders, scholars, families, and communities to utilize.  Along with our our research finding, this project is collecting databases which no longer have funding, to build an open-access digital research archive, dedicated to Indigenous women, youth, trans, and two-spirit resilience.

Building on the important work of organizations, community leaders, and families, this project gathers stories and knowledges from Indigenous peoples on the systems of resilience, as practiced by Indigenous women, youth, trans, and two-spirit. We study the tools of resiliency that are already present in the people and frame that resiliency as a method of empowerment to create change – in ourselves, in our communities and policies of government. We compile and map these knowledges to construct an Indigenous theory of resilience.

An Indigenous theory of resilience will shape our events and digital archive so that they may effectively serve the needs of diverse Indigenous communities, aiding the leaders and organizations that already work towards ending violence. The hope is that resilience research functions as one tool to address that violence.

To map an Indigenous theory of resilience, we seek Indigenous insight on the practices of resilience. Participation might include an online survey, hosting community meetings, and featuring the work of Indigenous artists, writers, and scholars. In addition to travelling to communities and research, the project is hosting workshops, a symposium, film festivals, and gathering providing a space for Indigenous peoples to discuss systems of resilience in their communities.

To get involved:

Sign up for news about upcoming workshops!

Indigenous peoples can complete our survey and tell what you think about women’s resilience and how to create change for women and youth.

Email us with any questions or ideas for the project. We’d love to hear from you.


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