Indigenous Resilience Online Survey

Tân’si! Launching the research portion of this project, is a survey that explores the questions: what does resilience look like for Indigenous women, youth, trans, and two-spirit? And how can those practices of resilience be used to end the crushing rates of violence towards those Indigenous communities?

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Summer Update and Final Resilience Post

What a year we’ve had. Halfway into our second ever Walls to Bridges course, the pandemic hit, and we couldn’t say goodbye to our students in person. We were again confronted with the precarity of contact with inside students. Without internet and increased covid protocols, our communication to the inside ceased. It was difficult but mostly, we worried about the physical and mental health... Continue Reading →

NS380 The Porcupine Goes to the City: Quilling Teachings

The Faculty of Native Studies teamed up with renowned Métis artist and Edmonton's current Indigenous Artist in Residence, MJ Belcourt Moses to create an urban land-based learning course NS380 The Porcupine Goes to the City: Quillwork Teachings, Spring 2019. Beyond learning the steps of quilling, the course places the Nêhiyaw (Cree) and Otipemisiwak (Métis) concept of... Continue Reading →

Reflections After the Snow – Spring Project Update

After a busy year of workshops and research, the project team is looking forward to getting off campus and into communities to discuss practices of resilience. Throughout the year, we've learned so much from our students, staff, faculty, and knowledge keepers about how Indigenous bodies and minds navigate on and off-campus settler colonial spaces and... Continue Reading →

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